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A wooden conservatory

Wooden orangeries and conservatories

Are you thinking of getting a home extension? Have you considered an orangery or conservatory?

Luxurious home orangeries

When you think of orangeries and conservatories, you think of luxurious living. If you’re planning on building either, make sure you get the best. Our wooden orangeries and wooden conservatories are bespoke designed and manufactured, and with a 1.5 U-value for energy efficiency they will stay warm during winter too.

Whether you want an orangery or a conservatory, contact us to arrange your quotation today.

Timber orangeries

Dating back to growing citrus trees in the home during the 17th century, orangeries have since become a symbol of luxurious homes. An orangery is typically larger than a conservatory and uses more brickwork to give it structure or to make it a seamless extension of the house.

We specialise in producing bespoke wooden designs for the windows, the glass roof and the doors. Being a symbol of luxury, everything about your wooden orangery should be of the highest quality, both in energy efficiency, style, and finish.

Timber conservatories

Created as a by-product of orangeries, they were originally used to grow shrubs and herbs rather than fruit. Conservatories are almost always attached to the home, and because they use less brickwork and more glass they are better suited for viewing your garden.

As with orangeries, we create beautiful wooden conservatories that are bespoke designed to your exact specifications and preferred style. Everything we make is to the highest standards of quality,

For free advice or a free quotation, please call 01753 651 084 or simply complete our online form below.





A carpenter planing some wood